Standards for Nanoparticle characterisation.

Key standards in this area that should be followed are detailed below:

ISO 9276-1:1998: Representation of results of particle size analysis – Part 1: Graphical representation

ISO 9276-2:2014: Representation of results of particle size analysis – Part 2: Calculation of average particle sizes / diameters and moments from particle size distributions

ISO13320:2020: Particle size analysis – Laser diffraction methods

ISO / TS 14411-1:2017: Preparation of particulate reference materials – Part 1: Polydisperse material based on picket fence of monodisperse spherical particles

ISO 22412:2017: Particle size analysis – Dynamic light scattering (DLS)

ISO / TR 22814:2020: Good practice of dynamic light scattering (DLS) measurements

ISO 20998-1:2006 en: Particle Size analysis by Acoustic Methods – Part 1: Spectroscopy by attenuation of ultrasound. 

ISO 20998-2:2013: Particle Size analysis by acoustic methods – Part 2: Guidelines for linear theory. 

ISO 20998-3:2017: Particle Size analysis by acoustic methods – Part 3: Guidelines for non-linear theory. 

ISO/TR 11360:2010: Nanotechnologies – Methodologies for the classification and categorization of nanomaterials

ISO/TS 12805:2011: Nanotechnologies- Materials specifications – Guidance on specifying nano-objects

ISO 25498:2018: Microbeam analysis – Analytical electron microscopy – Selected area electron diffraction analysis using a transmission electron microscope. 

ISO 13322-1:2014: Particle size analysis – Image analysis methods – Part 1: Static image analysis methods. 

ASTM B822 – 20: Standard Test Method for Particle Size Distribution of Metal Powders and Related Compounds by Light Scattering. 

ASTM B821 – 10(2016) en: Standard Guide for Liquid Dispersion of Metal Powders and Related Compounds for Particle Size Analysis. 

ASTM F1877 – 16: Standard Practice for Characterization of Particles. 

ASTM E2578 – 07(2018) en: Standard Practice for Calculation of Mean Sizes/Diameters and Standard Deviations of Particle Size Distributions.

ASTM D8090 – 17 en: Standard Test Method for Particle Size Distribution and Shape Analysis of Paints and Pigments Using Dynamic Imaging Methods. 

Standards for Process Analytical Technologies.

ASTM E2474-14: Standard Practice for Pharmaceutical Process Design Utilizing Process Analytical Technology.

ASTM D7808-18: Standard Practice for Determining the Site Precision of a Process Stream Analyzer on Process Stream Material

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Good Practice Guide for the Determination of the Size and Size Distribution of Spherical Nanoparticle samples.


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