InProcess-LSP was founded in 2014 at the Pivot Park in Oss, The Netherlands. We are an innovative scale-up company, which is formed by a group of scientists with a strong background in Process Analytical Technology, pharma and life science industry. InProcess-LSP developed a unique and true PAT instrument for inline and online nanoparticle analysis by combining spatially resolved optical technology with Dynamic Light Scattering.

Our goal is to further explore the full potential of the spatially resolved light scattering technology to provide meaningful and innovative PAT solutions. In total InProcess-LSP has now 8 people employed, which is increasing rapidly

Ad Gerich

Co-founder and Managing Director of InProcess-LSP

July 2014-Present

Managing InProcess-LSP & business development. PAT application development & projects, instrument development and consultancy for mainly pharma related companies. Ad has an academic background in chemistry and chemometrics and worked as a scientist between 1990 and 2002 for animal feed and pharma companies (Organon). In 2002 he became a group leader of Pharmaceutical Analysis within the Product Development department Organon. After different positions as PAT project leader and PAT group leader and organizational changes Ad ended his career in pharma industry in 2014 as Director Product Development within Merck. PAT, QbD and six-sigma are typical areas of expertise.

Michiel Hermes

Principal Scientist at InProcess-LSP and Assistant Professor Utrecht University (NL):

July 2016-Present

Particle tracking and phase behaviour of non-spherical nanoparticles.

Sep 2011 – Sep 2016

Postdoc at the University of Edinburgh (UK): Design principles for novel soft materials: rheology and behaviour of food systems, ceramics, paints, colloidal gels, emulsions, protein gels, model suspensions. Supervision of bachelor, master and PhD students. Leading projects. Close collaborations with companies (Mars chocolate, Johnson Matthey, AkzoNobel).

June 2011 – July 2011

Software developer at Scientific Volume Imaging (NL): Software development of scientific image analysis software.

June 2010 – Dec 2010

Postdoc at Utrecht University (NL): The phase behaviour and tracking of rod shaped colloidal particles. Supervised students. Feb. 2006 – May 2010: PhD at Utrecht University (NL): The out-of-equilibrium behaviour of hard spheres. Master degree in theoretical physics at Utrecht University, The Netherlands (2006).

Rut Besseling

Director Science & Technology / Managing Partner, InProcess-LSP, Oss, NL:

July 2014-Present

Responsible for Scientific and Technological management, development and strategy of the company. Developed and implemented breakthrough technology for inline nanoparticle sizing.


Principal Scientist Process Analytical Technology (PAT), MSD, Oss, Netherlands: Extending PAT capabilities and PAT method development for Pharmaceutical process development, up-scaling and Tech Transfer, incl. (continuous) powder processing, freeze drying processes, and polymer extrusion. Implementation of new analytical methods (Optical Coherence Tomography and Vision systems), efficient (multivariate) modelling for vibrational spectroscopy and mechanistic process modelling to improve pharmaceutical product/process understanding.


Senior Researcher Soft Materials. School of Physics, University of Edinburgh, UK: Initiation/lead for development of new 3D rheo-microscopy module in commercial rheometers. Funding acquisition, hardware/software/application development. Consultant for application development with instrument manufacturer’s R&D dept. Broad range of fundamental research projects on rheology and dynamics of complex fluids. Collaborative applied research with Research Institutes and Food / Chemicals industry. (Co)supervision of- 6 students, 3 PhD students and 4 Postdocs.


Postdoctoral researcher. Soft Materials, School of Physics, Univ. of Edinburgh, UK: Integrated laser ‘tweezers’ and confocal microscopy for micro-rheological studies of dispersions. Design/construction of the first 3D rheo-microscope’. The instrument provided a major improvement in flow/micro-structure characterization of dispersions, gels and emulsions.


Postdoctoral researcher, Leiden University., Kamerlingh Onnes Lab., Netherlands: Study of flow, structural transitions and melting of ‘vortex matter’ in superconductors.

Education/professional training:
Ph.D Condensed Matter Physics, Leiden University., Kamerlingh Onnes Lab. (1996-2001)
Research assistant. McGill University, Dept. of Physics, Montreal, Canada. (1996)
Master’s in applied physics. Delft University of Technology. (1989-1995).

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