Johnson Matthey (UK)

Johnson Matthey (JM) is a global leader in sustainable technologies which has been in existence for more than 200 years and occupies a position in the FTSE100 Index. JM applies world class scientific expertise to enable cleaner air, improved health and the more efficient use of our planet’s natural resources. JM is a diverse company with a broad and industry-leading product portfolio covering automotive emission control and industrial abatement catalysts, battery materials and fuel cells for zero-emissions automotive applications, automotive advanced glass technologies, and pharmaceuticals amongst others. JM has a strong R&D commitment in order to excel in a competitive global market in order to reinforce current product supply chains and enter new markets for futureproofing. JM fully embraces employee diversity and inclusivity enabling creativity and collaboration across the whole company.

Chandresh Malde

Senior Principal Scientist

Dr Chandresh Malde is a Senior Principal Scientist in Johnson Matthey. Over the last 24 years, he has been working in the Technology Centre in Sonning Common, South Oxfordshire, which is the main R&D hub providing scientific & technical support to all the Sectors in Johnson Matthey. His background is in colloid science, with expertise in rheology, particle size and shape analysis, zeta potential, interfacial science, and material science. He has a global responsibility in formulation science with extensive experience in coating technologies such as inkjet development, screen printing, spray coating and other deposition methods; catalyst precipitation for large scale catalyst synthesis, battery technologies, fuels cells, 3D printing powders, powder processing, powder and slurry transport properties, and pharma materials. He is the scientific interface between R&D and Production working from small research processes, to multi-tonne scale production lines. Prior to Johnson Matthey, he was working for the European Space Agency, based in UCL studying the feasibility of bare Al metal thin films for optimum reflectivity of Lyman α wavelength within a proposed low orbit spectrometer.

Emily Summerton

Research Scientist

Dr Emily Summerton is a Research Scientist at Johnson Matthey working in the sector of formulation, with projects spanning from healthcare to glass technologies. Emily graduated with a Masters in Chemistry (1st class) from the University of Oxford before working as a Formulation Scientist for 18 months at the FMCG company, Reckitt Benckiser. Following this experience, Emily completed an EngD (Doctor of Engineering) in Formulation Engineering at the University of Birmingham, in collaboration with Procter & Gamble. The primary focus of her doctorate was surfactant systems, crystallisation and formulation stability. Emily has strong technical expertise across key colloid science techniques including particle size and shape analysis, rheology, surface tension and wettability, dispersion analysis and microscopy.

During her time at Johnson Matthey, Emily has managed multiple projects in the formulation space ranging from processing improvements to material development at both lab and high throughput scale. As a centrally funded science position, the key aim of her role is to provide formulation support across the various business sectors.

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