Testing InProcess-LSP’s NanoFlowSizer @ AGFA-GEVAERT

26 May 2023

On the 24th of May 2023, Carl Schuurmans and Ali Sadeghi of InProcess-LSP visited PAT4NANO consortium partner Agfa-Gevaert in Mortsel, Belgium. They installed their NanoFlowSizer (NFS) in the Dispersion Discovery Lab of Agfa for the third and final test campaign. Within the PAT4Nano consortium, fast and efficient tools for process monitoring are being developed and evaluated. One of the important topics is the ability to measure unwanted large particles outside the intended nanoparticle range. At AGFA, the performance of the NanoFlowSizer as a detector for a-typical large particles in a sample will be evaluated. The main win would be a very fast analysis which can be applied directly at line.

During 2,5 weeks, Bram Noyens (Agfa Dispersion Discovery) and Gitte Van Baelen (Agfa Dispersion Development) will intensively test different discovery, pilot and production samples on the NFS device. The measurements will be verified by counter measurements on standard particle size instruments in the group of Bart Wuytens (Agfa Analysis department).

Excited to see the results!

Caption:  InProcess-LSP installed their NanoFlowSizer device in the Dispersion Discovery Lab of Agfa-Gevaert. From left to right: Ali Sadeghi (InProcess-LSP), Bram Noyens (Agfa-Gevaert), Gitte Van Baelen (Agfa-Gevaert), Bart Wuytens (Agfa-Gevaert) and Carl Schuurmans (InProcess-LSP).

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